TASNews and Conference Guide

The source for Texas Child Nutrition Professionals. Packed with information ranging from educational articles to legislative updates and chapter news, TASNews is a benefit that every TASN member finds valuable.

TASNews Issues Include:
  • Issues Per Year: 4
  • Magazines Distributed Per Issue: 4,200+ (currently online only)
  • School Districts in Texas Receiving Each Issue: 270+

The TASN media kit includes:
  • contact information
  • pricing
  • deadlines
  • ad placement information

TASN media kit is currently being updated. If you have any questions about advertising, please contact Valerie Delarosa, TASN Exhibits/Marketing Specialist, at valeried@tasn.net.

Conference Guide
TASN also produces the Conference Guide. This guide is published for the Annual Conference and provides information during the event for attendees and exhibitors. Information includes the Conference schedule, session listings, exhibitor listings, and other pertinent information.

TASNews Conference Guide Includes:
  • Issues Printed Per Year: 1
  • Magazines Distributed 2,000
  • School Districts in Texas Receiving Each Issue: 180+

Providing the best customer service and offering affordable advertising are our priorities. All of our advertisers are partners and friends!

TASNews Purpose
  • Communicate the issues, concerns, and programs that affect the Child Nutrition Industry.
  • Recognize member achievements.
  • Offer opportunities for vendors to sell and display services and products.
  • Provide an additional instrument of education and training to members.
  • Market TASN events and programs including awards, scholarships, and MAT review.
  • Provide association updates including headquarters reports, board reports, plan of action progress, & industry updates.
  • Provide legislative information and advocate on behalf of our members.
  • Recruit new members and leaders.
  • Provide an opportunity for the Texas Department of Agriculture and Education Service Centers to disseminate information.