Managers Academy

The Managers Academy is a two-part course designed to improve the competencies, knowledge and skills of the cafeteria managers. Topics include but are not limited to customer service, leadership, creating an effective team, menu planning, human resources, cashier training, and financial management. The four sessions of this training series provide the highest level of management training available.

TASN offers a Managers Academy Program which allows participants to receive Level 4 certification. It is preferred that the member has a food handler's certificate. To attend Managers Academy a member must be an active member and submit a letter of recommendation from the district supervisor or director.

After successful completion of the academy and a 75% or higher on the exit exam the member may submit a TASN certification application and appropriate payment with a copy of the TASN Managers Academy certificate.

No other "Manager" Academies will be accepted for the certification credit at Level 4 unless it has been preapproved by the TASN Education Committee. Contact TASN HQ for any questions or academy approval. Managers Academy is offered annually at Board Meetings and as requested and approved during the summer.

The Academy is a (32) hour course and the fee is $420.00

2024 Summer Managers Academy

Register now!

Registration for 2024 Summer Managers Academy is done through TASN.
Please submit your registration forms via mail to: 5910 Courtyard Drive #230, Austin, Texas 78731.

Registration deadline is May 31, 2024.

Hosting Locations:

July 8 -- 11, 2024 at Klein ISD (Houston area)

July 15 -- 18, 2024 at Gregory-Portland ISD (South Texas area)

July 29 -- August 1, 2024 at Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD (Dallas area)

Questions can be answered by reaching out to Eric Vicharelli at: or by phone at 512-371-0087 x207.