Certification Class Schedule

The TASN certification program was established to help school nutrition professionals continue their education, reach career goals, and demonstrate achievements. Our program improves the value of service to school children, enhances members' earning potential, and expands career development.

This program was created over 30 years ago with you in mind. In 2022, the TASN Education Committee revised the program to align with ICN and the Professional Standard Codes.

TASN partners with various ISDs to promote higher education. Below is a list of upcoming classes, dates, and locations.

Class Schedule

Check back for classes in your area.

Hosting Certification Classes

If you are interested in teaching a course in your district or ESC, please fill out the Request of Approval or if you have any questions, please reach out to Eric Vicharelli, Education/Membership Manager at 512-371-0087 ext. 207 or [email protected]