A huge TEXAS hello to all the TASN Members!

    Can you believe that we are already wrapping up the month of May? It is hard to believe that this year has been going by so fast. Many schools are wrapping up their school year and trying to make decisions on what or how they are doing for summer feeding. Vendors and Brokers are trying to keep their heads above water and provide the much needed items for the school districts. I know this has been a difficult time for some and for others it has been a time of frustration. I have always believed that the challenges that are thrown to me can do one of two things; it will either make you stronger or it will defeat you. I can honestly say that I have not heard of any district or vendors that have allowed this COVID-19 to defeat them. Time and time again I hear of the outstanding things that are happening all over the state of Texas that make me proud to not only be a TASN member, but also proud to be in our profession and from Texas. If nobody has told you today how much you are valued and appreciated; please know that you are! I cannot think of another profession where things have changed so fast and all of us seem to be able to take the change, make some minor adjustments to the way we handle the daily task and still provide healthy and nourishing meals for the kids across Texas.
    Next month we will be moving towards the installation of the new TASN Board and I am excited about the new board and to see how TASN is progressing. Even though we had to cancel our Summer Conference please know we are well on our way to making plans for the next few meetings and I hope that the attendance is overwhelming on those. As we move into Summer that is a time that many use the TASN Summer Conference for their USDA Professional Standard hours, so please reach out to TASN and the Education Chair; Lacey Wiley to see what school district may be offering to help you. Or better yet, can you host a meeting at your district, or even a Zoom meeting?

    I was speaking with a vendor this morning and we were discussing how food shows were now going to be handled? Ya’ll it is just another hurdle and it is time for some thinking outside the box. This vendor and I spoke about how easy it would be to have a virtual food show by sending the district a sample box of products and then having an hour zoom meeting and discussing each item that was included in the box. That was just some thoughts that we had and who knows how many other outside the box ideas a group as big as TASN may come up with. Do you have a good idea or some great pictures of things you have been doing in your district? If so, please reach out to the TASN HQ staff and allow us to post them!!

    Please don’t forget that even though we cannot have our Summer Conference you membership is vital to TASN and your voice is so very important. Be sure to check the dates on your membership and make sure that you are current; and if not, now is a great time to get it paid and enter for a chance to win an upcoming conference package! Remember if you do not have a chapter in your district, use this time and get one started! We need to see our Chapters at the next Conference proudly waving their flag!

    Also please remember to check the TASN Facebook page, TASN Twitter and the TASN webpage for wonderful announcements about upcoming meetings and winners from scholarships that will be awarded! You never know when you will see someone you know, or someone from your district on there, or maybe even YOU!

    I have been so honored to serve as your President during this 2019-2020 year and it is hard for me to believe it is coming to an end. You have all been such an inspiration to me and I am so proud of each TASN member. Better, Stronger, Together! TASN Strong, TEXAS strong!

    Please check out the link below, which includes updates from TDA and USDA in regards to COVID-19.
    Click here