General Information

The Award & Scholarship application acceptance window is now closed. TASN is currently reviewing all applications submitted. If you did not get a chance to submit your application this year, we highly encourage you to apply during the 2024 Award & Scholarship acceptance window. Deadlines for 2024 will be posted on the website as early as August of 2023. Stay tuned!

TASN offers a state certification program for foodservice professionals in Texas recognized by state/ federal agencies and organizations. Our certification program is based on a five-level system beginning with basic food safety and sanitation, then advancing to human resources management, marketing, finances, and other crucial components of food service management. Many Texas school districts have chosen the TASN Certification Program as a basis for job placement, advancement, and pay increases.

Extended Learning Opportunities
Members have the opportunity to earn continuing education credit through certain self-study resources approved by TASN.

TASN Approved Training Opportunities
Members have the opportunity to earn continuing education credit through training online, at local meetings, classes, and other opportunities approved by TASN.

TASN Administrative Academy
The TASN Administrative Academy is an in-depth training for school foodservice directors. The Academy is designed to provide practical business skills for school food service administration. Invaluable resources are provided for all child nutrition directors, while also establishing a mentoring program and networking format throughout the state. The Academy offers a four-part series of comprehensive courses, covering eight key areas of school food service management.

TASN Managers Academy
The TASN Managers Academy is a four-part series of courses designed to improve the competencies, knowledge, and skills of cafeteria managers. Topics include but are not limited to eligibility guidance, counting and claiming, coordinated review effort, and other operational issues. The four sessions of this training series provide the highest level of management training available.

Please note: when submitting your applications to TASN the process could take up to two weeks to receive your certificate and certification card.

Questions? Email or call 512-371-0087 ext. 207