School Food Service Solutions

Since COVID-19 school closures, SNA has advocated on members' behalf, urging USDA to extend waivers to preserve the sustainability of school meal programs. In addition to calling on USDA for regulatory flexibility, SNA has also urged Congress to provide much needed funding. You can get involved by visiting SNA's Action Network to write to your legislators today!

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Back To School Solutions!

Sharon Glosson, introducing this new shield this upcoming school year to better protect school food service employees.

Klein ISD safety preparedness for back to school this fall!

Klein ISD Nutrition & Food Services department

  • has been upgrading hardware at all of our points of sale for the past several years.

  • For the 2020-2021 school year, we have made our final purchases needed to offer our students hands-free transactions in all 50 of our schools.

  • At our secondary schools, barcode scanners will be used to allow students to access their accounts by barcode, without touching a key pad.

  • At our elementary schools, students come through the serving lines by class.

  • We now have touch screen monitors at all points of sale.

  • Our touch screen monitors and our POS software allow us to pull up a digital roster of students by class onto the monitor screens.

  • Our cashiers at elementary schools will pull up a classroom roster for each class as they enter the serving line following the lunch schedule.

  • Elementary students will say their name to the cashiers. The cashiers will match the name and pictures on their screens and tap the screen to access the account.


Amy Santagate at Copperas Cove ISD Coordinator came up with this clever idea to help keep track of your mask! This hack will help you keep track of your mask this upcoming school year! You can execute this idea by attaching the face mask to a lanyard and hang around neck. That way when you need to put it on fast you know it is right there hanging around your neck. It is also going to be very helpful for kids not getting their masks mixed up when they return to class!