Meeting/Event Calendar

Future Events:
2023 TASN Conference June 10-13, 2023 Houston, Texas
2023 TASN Board Meeting June 13, 2023 Houston, Texas
2024 TASN PCS January 29-31, 2024 Horseshoe Bay, Texas
2024 TASN Conference June 30-July 2, 2024 San Antonio, Texas
2025 TASN Conference June 22-25, 2025 Corpus Christi, Texas
2026 TASN Conference June 28-30, 2026 Grapevine, Texas

TASN members, you are encouraged to attend the TASN in-person or Zoom meetings. Please note the following guidelines.

  • If you are a Committee member you are eligible to participate and vote in the meeting.

  • If you are a guest at the meeting, you are welcome to participate, but you will not have voting privileges.

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