TASN is excited to continue providing learning sessions at the upcoming TASN 2024 Annual Conference! Please see below for learning session topics you can expect to see and attend. More topics and details to come!

Leadership Skills4000This session will help attendees learn how to build credibility with others, define their team's purpose and align it with the organizations goals, and encourage growth and responsibility of the unique talents of their team.
Food Safety2600From food refrigeration temperatures to danger zones and pathogenic bacteria, this learning session is to familiarize and remind attendees of the everyday precautions that school nutrition staff must take.
School & Community4150School lunchrooms not only nourish the body, but they are the soul of the school. In today's environment, it is critical to make connections with all kids, especially those facing the challenges of living in poverty. This engaging workshop will inform you of the differences that cause gaps and struggles; encourage you with real tools to intentionally build meaningful relationships, and inspire you by sharing stories of success.
Customer Service4130Enhance your customers’ experience through the art of customer service.
Special Diets1160This learning session will cover the importance of avoiding cross contamination, reading food labels, and special diet planning regarding food allergens and other special accommodations.
Kitchen Equipment2140, 2430, 3520This session will cover the importance of kitchen equipment such as: purchasing, maintenance, automation, and more.
Team Building3440, 4140Whether you are putting together, training, or maintaining a team it all requires team building. Learn different tactics on how to successfully team build with your school nutrition team.
Reimbursable Meals2310Learn how to recognize a reimbursable meal, meal pattern requirements, food components versus food items, portion sizes, and overview on claiming meals.
Menu Planning1100Get a better understanding on what goes into menu planning. Understanding your customers needs, resources available to you, operating within a budget, forecasting, and more.
Communication4140Improve your communication skills that will overall better convey and exchange information, news, and ideas with others in your work and personal life.