Class Listing

For more than 25 years, TASN has undertaken a certification program to help school nutrition professionals continue their education and reach career goals. College courses, workshops sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture, and TASN training seminars can be used toward certification. These programs not only improve the value of service to school children, but they enhance members' earning potential and career development.

Online Train the Trainer

For TASN Level 4, must be a Level 3 already
Instructor: Lacy Willey, Victoria Ybarra, and Darin Crawford

Zoom | October 1st,8th,15th,22nd, (3 - 5) PM & 23rd 2020 (2 - 5) PM

Covers the training techniques and skills you will use to facilitate adult learning, there will be a 1hr exam on the last day. $100 total

Online Sanitation (Spanish) & (English)

For TASN Level 1
Instructor: Diana Brown

Zoom | November 12th-13th, 2020 ( 3 - 5) PM

Covers the practices and procedures of sanitation and hygiene in the food service industry. Free

Online Employee Retention

For TASN Level 4 or 5
Instructor: Victoria Ybarra

Zoom | October 14th, 2020 ( 3 - 5) PM

Covers Impact of loosing employees (IE: cost of training, morale, accidents related to short staff), financial impact to the department. Human Resource, Effective Documentation. Building an effective team. $15 per class