Membership Forms

TASN's membership includes employees from school districts, government agencies, students, and industry.

School districts, are you interested in purchasing a block of membership numbers for positional membership?
If so, please read THIS before filling out the membership application form.

Membership Application Forms:
Individual Membership Form (PDF) - updated 09.05.18

Industry Membership Form (PDF) - updated 08.04.17

Positional Membership Form (PDF) - updated 08.04.17

Interested in joining SNA state and national? Download a membership form for the individual school nutrition professional (employees, managers, directors, students, etc.) SNA collects both state and national dues.

Download SNA Membership Form PDF

Please note: If you send your SNA and state dues to SNA, do not also send a payment for your state dues to TASN. Please pay either SNA or TASN but not both.