President's Corner

Fall 2017

Greetings from the President

Happy Fall!

Thank goodness we have all survived the start of another school year! Hopefully you have settled into as normal a routine as is possible with the never ending challenges in the school nutrition arena. Never forget that the role you play is critical to the success of the mission to feed the children of Texas. Each and every one of you should be very PROUD of yourself.

I moved here in October many years ago. Although I left behind the beautiful foliage of New England, Fall continues to be my favorite time of year. To me it represents change, balance, and letting go. We all can relate to change in our profession, it never ends. The balance of the autumnal equinox reminds me that it is important to live a balanced life in spite of all of the demands placed upon us. Fall is an awesome time of year for self-reflection and letting go of our fears, judgements or anything else that keeps us from being our best.

Exciting TASN events are on the horizon. First up is the Industry Seminar to be held in Georgetown October 9 – 11. Vice President Melissa Bryan and her Ccommittee along with headquarters staff have planned a fabulous agenda to help us with "Unlocking the Clues to Child Nutrition". This will be followed immediately by the first Board Meeting October 11 – 12, which will include the Managers and Directors Academies. Joining us on our committees will be several members in our new Future Leaders Program who will see firsthand the important work that TASN does. We hope this will inspire them to run for leadership positions in the future.

One of my goals this year is to encourage members of the association to become more politically active. Federal and state legislation dictates the guidelines our programs must follow, which we may not always agree with. With advocacy we can impact change. Alone we whisper, but together we can be heard loudly and clearly. Please join us to make our voices heard February at the Capitol in Austin (details to come in TASN e-blasts) as well as at SNA's Legislative Action Conference in Washington D.C. March 3 – 6.

I challenge you to visit your federal and state legislators when they are in their home districts. Darin Crawford, the Public Policy and Legislative Chair and his co-chair, Sandra Campbell, are hard at work creating the specifics of the message we want to carry at home and to Austin. When you visit, take a picture, tweet, or write a blurb and send it to headquarters to be displayed on the TASN website. Who's going to be posted first?

As fall transitions to winter, I am looking forward to cooler weather and a trip home to visit family. I hope you all will take advantage of the season to slow down, re-balance, reflect on what is most important, and get ready for the holidays and spending time with loved ones.

Laura Mason
Pasadena ISD
2017–2018 TASN President