President's Corner

Spring 2017

Dear TASN teammates,

Hello! As we begin the spring season of 2017, I hope it nds each of you well and excited about the upcoming TASN Annual Conference in Houston. Speakers, activities, the food show, classes, and our industry partners are planning an exciting night for all. Houston has many things to o er and the Conference Planning Committee is diligently working to make it a great experience for you. There will be many new classes to attend and opportunities to further your knowledge within the child nutrition world.

Prior to the conference, the Public Policy and Legislative Committee, along with many TASN members and industry partners, are planning the annual trip to Washington, D.C. for Legislative Action Committee Day. As we prepare to visit with Congress and Senate representatives, it is important to voice our concerns as well as praise for what we have accomplished. I encourage you to reflect upon the many changes you have seen within the child nutrition program with each new administration. As professionals, we strive to accomplish the task set before us. As we continue to reach kids to the best of our ability, each time, we come out stronger.

Often the guidelines make us cringe at the anticipation of one more change, and we ask, how are we ever going to reach students with a meal that looks appetizing, is nutritious, and tastes good? For our industry partners the cost involved is
astronomical, as well as challenging, to create a product that is not cardboard, has a nice flavor, and that someone is just willing to test. The solution for our success is to remain strong, positive, and united as a group with a strong Texas voice.

I want to thank each of you in the child nutrition profession for the job you do daily and for continuing to strive for excellence. It is humbling and an honor to serve with each of you. God bless you.

Debbie Needham
New Caney ISD
2016-2017 TASN President