President's Corner


Hello TASN members and industry partners!


What a great time we had in Grapevine at the TASN 2019 Annual Conference. I want to thank each of you for taking part in all the classes, networking, and innovative Pop-Ups. I know that since the conference was shortened by one day, the schedule was packed, and I appreciate you continuing to be a part of TASN. We appreciate your continued support as we try some new ways to hold meetings and events that are geared to benefit all TASN members across our great state of Texas! What a wonderful way to get back in the swing of things as you make your preparations to return to school! It was a time of refreshing and learning that as a group of child nutrition professionals and industry members we are truly Better, Stronger, Together! I am excited and look forward to serving as your president for the upcoming year, and appreciate all the hard work from TASN headquarters staff, the Conference Planning Committee, industry members, TASN Board of Directors, committee chairs, area representatives, and all the talented TASN volunteers for making this conference an awesome time of learning and new experiences!

I am looking forward to the 20192020 school year, along with beginning work on the Strategic Plan for 20192022. This plan was completed by a committee of TASN members from both the district and industry levels. The new strategic plan incorporates some revisions to the vision and the mission.

The vision now states: TASN is the leader in promoting excellence in the school nutrition community. The mission now states: Empower the Community of School Nutrition Professionals through Partnerships and Education.

It is very exciting to be a part of this group of professionals that work together to make each day a great and wonderful experience for all students in Texas who eat in the school cafeterias. Each year I find myself getting excited about what new and innovative ways we can help these kids learn about food and nutrition as we build relationships with them every day.

How wonderful it is to know that what we do each day for the students in our districts allows them to not have to worry about food, at least for the time they are at school. We strive to be their food safety net. I know that like many of you, my district has kids who go home not knowing whether they are going to have dinner. It is an inspiration to work daily with staff who take pride and pleasure in making sure that we provide healthy, nutritious meals that the kids enjoy eating.

What new experiences can we give to the kids this school year to allow them to taste something new and different? These are some of the things that you learn not only on the job each day, but also by attending classes and conferences held by TASN and by meeting and sharing stories with other professionals. As members of TASN, we have a huge pool of experience that we should share with each other and help those who have taken a hit by negative media or other outside issues by encouraging each other and giving help where needed.

TASN 2019–2020 President