President's Corner

Fall 2018

Greetings from the President


After an excellent start to the school year, now is about the time you are starting to get tired. Meal participation is increasing and you wonder if you will have the strength to carry you through the Holiday season. Your school menu warms up with chilis, soups and stews. And, our semi-cool Texas mornings leave you with a desire to stay under the warm covers of your bed. Don't do it! Break time is coming soon!

Below are my "Top 10" ways for keeping work fresh and fun, so you can last through the year. Hint: this is not about the actual work!

10 Ways To Not Hit That Wall in the Fall
1. Make sure your team eats lunch and/or takes breaks together

2. Laugh….laugh…and laugh some more

3. Whistle while you work….or at least play a bit of music

4. Dance together

5. Share stories of precious moments in your life (and some hilarious ones too!)

6. Encourage your co-workers

7. Take a short walk in the cafeteria – or outside, if you can

8. Make someone's day

9. Bring a delicious dessert to share

10. Play a game during your lunch break

Our TASN headquarters team and the Executive Committee have been busy gathering information from SNA regarding the State Affiliate Agreement. It is our desire to provide our members with as much information as possible. For this reason, an information sheet will be emailed to all members as well as shared on the TASN website. We need your feedback! Please email your thoughts about the State Affiliate Agreement to This is a very important decision and we appreciate your input.

Have a fantastic fall and holiday season!

Shelly Copeland
Spring ISD
TASN 2018–2019 President