President's Corner

Summer 2018

Greetings from the President

Don't stop believing….hold on to that feeling….

Remember the feeling of the TASN Annual Conference? That feeling of excitement for being part of an outstanding association…the joy you find in your work of feeding children…the opportunity to expand your knowledge of school nutrition…the friends you make, and the connections you have with others? WOW! What a feeling! The 2018 TASN Annual Conference was absolutely fantastic! We had outstanding educational sessions and presenters, exciting keynote speakers, and an exhibit hall full of school nutrition products. The only thing more you could ask for is a fun and energy-filled evening provided by our wonderful industry partners….wait…we had that too!

Many thanks to all who made the conference a success: all of our members and countless volunteers, industry partners, TASN headquarters staff, Conference Planning Committee, and the TASN Board of Directors. Your hard work and participation is greatly appreciated. Texas is blessed with the best!

You can keep the feeling of the conference going throughout the entire school year! Here's how:
• Make the decision to be excited to go to work each day
• Say "Hello" to everyone when you arrive (Yes, this makes a difference!)
• Work as a team to get the work done together
• Help others…it just feels good!
• Put your customer first
• Have some fun at work
• Be grateful
• Don't let little things become big things….address problems quickly
• Learn as much as you can about the place in which you work!
• Celebrate the joys and accomplishments of those you work with!
• Cry with those who need to shed a tear
• Catch people doing things right…and notice them for it
• Remember, we are all there for the same purpose. Choose to make it a happy place to be
• Say "Good-bye" to everyone at the end of the day (Yes, this makes a difference too!)

Each of us should strive to become better at what we do. When we strive to become better, things around us become better too. This can create such a positive environment and allow us to excel. Just imagine what can happen if we shout this message out to our team….oh, the things we can do!

As I shared during the installation of our TASN Board members, I am entrusted to ensure that we keep our members' best interest at heart. Throughout the year, we will communicate with you often and will seek feedback from you. I urge you to please let us hear from you. This is your association!

I pray you have your best year ever!

Shelly Copeland
Spring ISD
TASN 2018–2019 President