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April 23, 2017

Timing and duration matters for school lunch and recess

April 18, 2017
SNA first quarter 2017 State Legislative Summary report

February 14, 2017
A record number of poor kids are eating breakfast »

January 6, 2017
Schools get another year to meet sodium reduction targets »

Sam Kass: Want kids to learn well? Feed them well.
[TED Talk] »

December 7, 2016
Pew Charitable Trust study: School Meal Programs Innovate to Improve Student Nutrition »

November 30, 2016
USDA Releases First-Ever Web-Based School Meals Application Prototype

December 6, 2016
New study highlights benefits and nutritional quality of school lunch program »

November 14, 2016
HR 6299 (proposed), the American Foods for American Schools Act, will require school nutrition providers to purchase domestically produced and processed foods.
Full text of HR 6299 »

October 12, 2016
The USDA has released some important procurement updates:
    Draft Tool for Local Agency Procurement Reviews »
    Updated Fiscal Year Reporting Timeline and Reporting Table »

October 11, 2016
USDA Celebrates Progress during National School Lunch Week and Farm to School Month »

September 2, 2016
FDA issues final rule on safety and effectiveness of antibacterial soaps »

August 5, 2016

Texas - Action for Healthy Kids

  • TAHK Steering Committee Minutes - August 2016

  • June 2016
    FRAC Summer Nutrition Status Report: Hunger Doesn't Take a Vacation

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