March 15-April 15, 2019

Nominations for the 2019-2020 TASN election have ended, and the slate of candidates has been approved by the Board of Directors.

Note: Members whose TASN memberships are up to date as of February 28, 2019 will be eligible to vote in the TASN election. If you have questions about your membership status, please click here to email us: valeried@tasn.net


Voting for the 2019-2010 TASN election has begun.

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The TASN 2019-2020 election will be considered an odd year election.




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Sharon Glosson
Executive Director of School Nutrition, North East ISD

Number of years TASN member: 12 | Number of years SNA member: 12

TASN Positions held: Nominating Committee Chair (2012); Member of Nominating Committee, Annual Conference Planning Committee, and Industry Conference Planning Committee

TASN/SNA Presentations: Finding Gold in Your Nutrition Program (2016), Student Taste Testing (2015)

Education/Certifications: Bachelors & Masters degree in Nutrition, Registered & Licensed Dietitian, School Nutrition Specialist credential

Other Information: SNA Future Leaders program graduate 2012, TASN Directors Academy graduate 2007

Goals for Office: My goal for the office of Vice President is to increase education opportunities for all membership categories. I would also like to continue strengthening the communication opportunities with Texas legislators, both federal and state, about our programs and how legislation impacts Texas students.
No opposing candidate



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Ashlee Kane
Business Manager, North East ISD

Number of years TASN member: 5 | Number of years SNA member: 3

TASN Positions held: TASN Secretary, TASN Secretary/Treasurer

TASN/SNA Presentations: TASN Certification Class Nutrition 101, TASN Certification Class Basic Math, TASN Conference Local Board Training

Education/Certifications: Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science from Texas A&M, Masters of Education in School Counseling, Directors Academy Graduate, ServSafe Certification, TASBO Member

Goals for Office: Oversee the financial operations; Transparent in all matters; Work together with the HQ staff to find the resources needed to operate TASN in the best interest of the members

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Victoria Ybarra
Director of Student Nutrition, Red Oak ISD

Number of years TASN member: 18 | Number of years SNA member: 13

TASN Positions held:Industry Committee (2017), Conference Committee (2019)

TASN/SNA Presentations: Nutrition 101 - TASN 2017 Annual Conference

Education/Certifications: Bachelors Degree in Business Management, Directors Academy Graduate - Level 5 TASN Certified - Train the Trainer

Other Information: I have taught at ESC summer workshops around the state of Texas for the last 17 years. Many summers I taught 2-3 summer workshops in different regions.

Goals for Office:My goals for the position of Secretary/Treasurer are to work closely with TASN HQ and to perform all duties assigned by the President and the BOD to the best of my ability. To uphold the TASN By-Laws as written, and to support the TASN Plan of Action by working with Area Representatives and local chapters to promote fundraising within the local chapters and increasing chapter membership.



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Teresa Lane
Child Nutrition Assistant Director, Klein ISD

Number of years TASN member: 11 | Number of years SNA member: 1

TASN Positions held: TASN Education Committee member (2004)

TASN/SNA Presentations: Procurement Review (2017), Employee Performance (2006)

Education/Certifications: Bachelor of Science Degree – Food & Nutrition from Texas Tech University, Master of Science Degree – Food & Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University, Registered and Licensed Dietitian

Other Information: SNA LAC participant since 2015

Goals for Office:Empower TASN members to participate in the legislative process for the benefit of child nutrition programs and educate legislative members about child nutrition programs. Foster and strengthen relationships between child nutrition professionals and legislators at the national and local levels.

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Debbie Needham
Director Child Nutrition, New Caney ISD

I have been with New Caney I. S.D. since 1994 and the past 24 years have been an exciting adventure in the Child Nutrition/Food service industry. I joined New Caney from the Finance/Banking industry where I worked for 15 years. I began as a Vocational student at 15 years of age and worked my way to Vice President of Operations and Branch Operations Officer. The finance experience has paved the way for success within the Child Nutrition department, a self-operated/funded business within the education system. As a graduate of New Caney High at the age of 16, my goal was to leave the hometown and never return, following my finance dream. Later, God had a plan and I was offered my true dream job of working with students and adults in the community that my husband and I were raised. Married for 37 years to my husband Mark, we have two sons 32 years of age and 2 wonderful grand-daughters and a new grandson.

School Nutrition is my passion and continuing to serve TASN and our members to make a difference for students is my goal. Serving in various capacities at TASN; Education chair, Vice President, President Elect, President and currently as the OAC chair have been my honor. As I look at the future of Child Nutrition the PP&L position is an opportunity to have a voice for the students and Nutrition staff at a State and National level, to be heard and make difference in the Nutritional guidelines and regulations. "Feeding the body to Fuel the mind" is my goal each day, serving as your PP&L Chair is a great opportunity to promote the success and needs of the nutrition program.



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Alexandra Grand-Molina
Child Nutrition Assistant Director, McAllen ISD

Number of years TASN member: 5 | Number of years SNA member: 8

TASN Positions held: Area 1 Representative

TASN/SNA Presentations: Region One Informational Meetings x 4; Chapter Presentations x 2 for TASN; SNA: Meals on Wheels Presentation - Boston

Education/Certifications: Bachelor's Degree, Smith College Psychology/ Minor in Chemistry; Master's Degree, Auburn University Nutrition & Food Science; SNS Certification 2014

Other Information: Leadership McAllen Class of XXXVIII; Team Insight Marathon Training Team 2014-2018; City of McAllen Mayor's Wellness Policy Committee 2016-2018

Goals for Office: Provide information to increase membership and bring back Chapters to South Texas. This area was hit hard by management companies and therefore saw drops in TASN membership and chapters dissolve. My goal is to continue the work that I have done for the last 2 years. In the last 2 years, this area has gained 58 new members and has worked with 3 districts to peak interest in chapters. Directors are using district owned memberships as incentives high performing employees.
No opposing candidate



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Maggie Mae Kennedy
Nutrition Trainer, Houston ISD

Number of years TASN member: 2| Number of years SNA member: 2

TASN Positions held: N/A

TASN/SNA Presentations: Hunger Doesn't End with the School Bell

Education/Certifications: Level 4 SNA, ServSafe Instructor/Proctor

Goals for Office:I would like to help advocate for TASN and Child Nutrition Programs across the state starting here in Houston. I also hope to be able to work with other districts to establish chapters as well as provide assistance in helping them educate their community on what we do.
No opposing candidate



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Yolanda Banks
Executive Director of Child Nutrition, International Leadership of Texas

Number of years TASN member: 4 | Number of years SNA member: 3

TASN Positions held: N/A

TASN/SNA Presentations: N/A

Education/Certifications: Studied Communications at Morris Brown University. Nutritional Therapist Certification.

Other Information: My background as a culinary instructor and cookbook author has been instrumental in helping me find ways to advocate for fresh, local, healthy meals for the students at my district. As a result, since starting with ILTexas in 2015, we have only served fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, no canned. And we sell only clean a la carte items, i.e., no artificial colors, sweeteners, or high fructose corn syrup.

Goals for Office:To help increase membership using social media and innovative marketing strategies. In the past, if there are local TASN area meetings, I have not been privy to them, so I would like to also increase visibility and engagement at the local level. As a charter school, I think it is important to engage those members in a way that speaks to the specific challenges and nuances that arise in the charter world.

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Serena Spivey
Coordinator for Child Nutrition, Copperas Cove ISD

Number of years TASN member: 11 | Number of years SNA member: 3-4

TASN Positions held: Area 5 Representative

TASN/SNA Presentations: I have gone to several districts to talk to them about the benefits of TASN membership.

Education/Certifications: ServSafe, Associates degree in general studies, working toward my Bachelor's in either accounting, business management, or human resources.

Other Information: I have a son, Samuel Adam, a senior at Texas A&M, and a daughter, Ashley, who is a sophomore at Texas Central College. I've been married 30 years.

Goals for Office: To increase area members and chapters. Also to help them to be able to attend Managers and Directors Academies.



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Janet Bell
Supervisor, Ector County ISD

Number of years TASN member: 12 | Number of years SNA member: 4

TASN Positions held: Area 7 Representative

TASN/SNA Presentations: TASN club meetings and TASN Certification training for manager trainees and managers

Education/Certifications: High school diploma, Manager ServSafe certified, Completed TASN Level 5 certification

Other Information: I have been in school nutrition for 18 years.

Goals for Office: My main goals are to increase participation and education in TASN.