Industry Committee Chair Nominee:
Mary Ellen Cote

TASN Member: Yes, as a Food Broker since 2001
SNA Member: No

Office/Committee Chair in: On the Political Action Committee, Conference Planning Committee and this is my second 3 year term of service on the TASN Industry Committee.

TASN Program Presenter YR/Learning Session: I was on an Industry Panel discussing sales calls for Industry Conference several years ago.

Membership/Officer in Other
Organizations: I have attended LAC in Washington DC several years, and here in Austin, TX too. I have also attended SNA ANC many years, including having booths for several Brokerages.

Education/Background: Private High School, Certified Dietary Manager, Food Broker since 1995. Started in K12 as a broker in 2000.

Goals for Office if Elected: I would like to see the Industry Committee continue to grow and develop a stronger working relationship with the K12 CN Leaders. I would strive to promote unity between the Industry and Child Nutrition. The ultimate goal is to provide the best products and service possible to our customers, the students.

Industry Committee Chair Nominee:
LeeJay Moreno

TASN Member: 18 years
SNA Member: 10 years

Office/Committee Chair in:
2013-3014 Industry Seminar Planning Committee member
2014-2015 Industry Committee member
2015-2016 Industry Committee member
2016-2017 Industry Committee member
2019-2020 Industry Committee member
2020-2021 Industry Committee member

TASN Program Presenter YR/Learning Session:
2014 Presenter “Sanitation” at the Annual Conference
2019 TASN Maintenance/Operations Presenter at the Annual Conference

Membership/Officer in Other

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Over eighteen years of professional experience; proven strong sales leadership, operations management, bilateral negotiations, and strategic business development; implementation, profit and loss management in the K-12 & Higher Education markets.

Goals for Office if Elected:

My goals if elected is to think out of the box. Looking back at all the years of being a TASN member, Industry Seminars, LAC, TASN conference, the pandemic has brought so many different conflicts in our space. If elected, I will strive to help our industry committee as well as the ISD’s partnership come up with innovative ideas to work around what our Texas State is dealing with now. Also continue to lead our Industry partners and help them with any conflicts moving forward.