Nominations for the 2019-2020 TASN Industry Chair election have ended, and the slate of candidates has been approved by the Board of Directors. Please review the candidate info and videos below.

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Voting for the 2019-2010 TASN Industry election has begun.

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Mike Likovich
Director of Sales, Buena Vista Foods

Number of years TASN member: 4 | Number of years SNA member: 7

TASN Positions held: Industry Committee - 2 years

TASN/SNA Presentations: N/A

Education/Certifications: Marketing degree from Texas A&M

Other Information: I spent three years working with CSNA while living in California and held positions on their fundraising committee for two of those years.

Goals for Office: If I am elected to Chair the Industry Committee I will work to further improve the great relationship that already exists between School Nutrition Professionals and their Industry counterparts. This will include gaining feedback from both sides on how to make TASN's Annual Conference more successful, increasing fundraising to better support the chapter and scholarships provided for LAC, and recruit new members to enrich TASN's membership.

Melissa Moore
Principal, Foodservice Design Professionals (Foodservice Consultant)

Number of years TASN member: 13 | Number of years SNA member: no response listed

TASN Positions held: Industry Committee member

TASN/SNA Presentations: New And Innovative Ideas For Your Kitchen, Kitchen Design 101

Education/Certifications: Senior Associate Member – FCSI (Foodservice Consultant Society International) – Currently on track to obtain Professional Member; Member – ICC (International Code Council); Member – A4LE (Association for Learning Environments)

Other Information: 1) Foodservice Consultant for FDP for 14 years. As a foodservice consultant we touch every part of the kitchen, from the service yard to the serving line. This career has been very rewarding as I am able to work with districts and facilitate functional / innovative kitchen designs that draw students in. The secret to a successful design is listening to the client, sticking to the budget and providing a timely/functional design concept.
2) Written Industry educational pieces that where published in the TASN quarterly magazine.
3) Participated in heading up round tables during TASN conferences.
4) Helped run conference registration booth.

Goals for Office: 1) Represent all industry market segments.
2) Attend and represent Industry at all TASN Board Meetings.
3) Educate TASN members on how TASN Industry can help them from their long-term planning to their day to day operations of a foodservice facility.
4) Provide educational pieces for the TASN publication.
5) Help plan and coordinate TASN Industry conferences.
6) Assist in membership drives.
7) Help to facilitate more educational classes for Industry.

Mark Rodriguez
VP Sales K12, Somma Foods

Number of years TASN member: On and Off for 20+ years | Number of years SNA member: On and Off for 20+ years

TASN Positions held: Industry Committee member

TASN/SNA Presentations: Commodity processing 101 class, Net off Invoice training.

Education/Certifications: HACCP Certification, Serve Safe and HAZMAT Certified. I have an associates degree from East Field College.

Other Information: I am married with kids which are now all in college (Texas Tech, University of Arkansas, Missouri Southern and Austin College). I consider my greatest accomplishment to be my faith and my family. I am a dedicated husband and father. I've worked hard over the years to help educate people in our industry. I am always positive and never get discouraged.

Goals for Office: My hope is to continue the excellence of TASN. I want to honor those before me and continue to build on those foundations. I want to make sure TASN is still and always will be one of the greatest state SNA chapters.