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CN Supervisor - Fort Worth

Job Status:


Posting Date:


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Job Location:

Ft. Worth, TX

Reports To:

Child Nutrition Director



Work Days:


Purpose / Job Description:

Assist in planning, supervising and operating the child nutrition program in such a manner as to provide nutritious meals to all students in order that they may take full advantage of the educational programs offered by the district.

Responsibilities / Duties:

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
1.Assist the instructional staff in nutrition education for the students of the district.
2.Assist in maintaining the health requirements, safety and cleanliness of the cafeterias.
3.Assist in interviewing, screening and hiring of new child nutrition personnel.
4.Help to administer all personnel policies for child nutrition staff including the evaluation process.
5.Assist in planning and service of all meals in the child nutrition program assuring full usage of the commodity program.
6.Responsible for the handling of the child nutrition supplies, equipment and food in an efficient manner and for ordering all food and supplies for the cafeterias.
7.Train and assist the cafeteria managers in all duties necessary for NSLP.
8.Responsible for computer operations, including installation and training on the use of the child nutrition computer programs
9.Promote teamwork and interaction with fellow staff members.
10.Help to administer catering program.
11.Provide training to office staff, campus managers, and assistant managers with regard to menus, recipes, inventory, production records, HACCP, and nutrition.
12.Assist in ensuring all serving schedules are followed and food items are served per menu specifications in a safe and appropriate manner according to departmental guidelines.
13.Train new employees on reimbursable meals, food production records, nutrition education, and other pertinent topics.
14.Maintain records and other documents as required.
15.Demonstrate support for District policies, regulations, procedures, and objectives.
16.Keep the Director of Child Nutrition informed about the affairs of the department.
17.Attend the workshops presented by TASN, ADA, and Region XI.
18.Perform all other duties as assigned.
19.Assist in opening and operation of new Administration Dining Cafe

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Aaron Wylie

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