TASN Members,

    It is with such a heavy heart as I send this email to all TASN members knowing that many lives are being touched by COVID-19.
    As Texas and the nation grapple with the impact of COVID-19, TASN is responding to the changes demanded by public health best practices. At TASN, our top priority is the health and safety of our members and our staff.

    Governor Abbott declared a state of emergency on Friday and encouraged eligible state employees to work from home, a suggestion TASN will observe. The TASN HQ Staff understand and implement the latest guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and the Texas Department of State Health Services regarding practices such as social distancing for those employees who continue to work in the office. It is for those reasons that TASN HQ staff will continue working from home to better follow the best practices given by the CDC. The TASN office will be closed March 17 -April 3,2020, for precautionary measures related to COVID -19. We will re-evaluate the situation on April 3, 2020 and keep you posted.

    Please know that many vendors and districts are struggling with opening sites to feed kids and make deliveries in these very difficult time, and everyone at TASN supports each of you in this difficult task. Please know that we are still working hard to prepare for the upcoming TASN Conference, and at this time we are still planning to hold it. We will keep you posted with updates as we face this unforeseen enemy called COVID-19.

    We are here for each other and only a phone call away. Just because we are distancing each other socially does not mean to distance yourself from your friend, family, networking partners and coworkers in conversation. We each still need to communicating and sharing best practices and celebrating each success that we have.

    SNA will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday about COVID-19 which will give more updates and help with some valuable resources for schools. I will keep each of you in my thoughts and prayers.
    We are TEXAS and we are a strong state and a strong group of professionals who can conquer anything! Do not forget that! Please feel free to reach out to each other and check on each other during this difficult time!

    TASN President,
    Melissa Bryan

    Please check out the link below, which includes updates from TDA and USDA in regards to COVID-19.
    Click here

    Luck of the DRAW!

    Every current TASN member that submits their completed conference
    registration form and payment (not purchase order) by April 30th will
    receive one entry into a drawing for a Complimentary registration
    package for Conference 2021 in San Antonio, Texas!

    Best of luck to you all!