June 18-21, 2017
Houston, Texas | George R. Brown Convention Center

2017 Annual Conference Photos

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No matter how long you've been involved with Texas child nutrition or what position you hold, it's likely there is still something you need to learn. Trends, liability, changes in laws, new legislation, and innovations in foodservice happen constantly. TASN selects and arranges the best and up-to-date educational sessions and classes ranging from certification and in-depth training to the most current issues and topics affecting you in Texas K-12 foodservice.

2017 Learning Sessions

Challenges of New Pre-K Meal Pattern

Presenters: Jodie DeFrancesco, Pasadena ISD, Rebecca Kenefic, SNS, Spring Branch ISD, Tiffany Muecke, MS, RD, LD, Klein ISD, and Kevin White, MS, RD, Tomball ISD

A review of the new meal pattern and the challenges it has posed to child nutrition programs, followed by a panel discussion of implantation plans, and then an open discussion.

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Click here to view the new Pre-K regulations for 2017-2018 (PDF)

Laugh and Learn: Bridging Generational Gaps

Presenters: Mark Stevenson and Amanda Freeman, PrimeroEdge

There are cross-generational differences in every kitchen. Let this entertaining session guide you through them and help you motivate and communicate with any generation.

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Let's Taco 'Bout it - Improving the C&C in your SNP

Presenter: Cheyenne Meyer, PrimeroEdge

Who doesn't want their team to get along better? Prepare to laugh and smile because this fun, interactive session will help you develop ideas and strategies for increasing cooperation and creating a positive and productive workplace.

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Menu Planning and Analysis Software

Presenter: Christina Little-Manley, M.S., R.D., L.D., Texas Department of Agriculture

This presentation introduces participants to the concepts of using nutrient analysis software to streamline menu planning. Participants will learn the concepts and logistics of using nutrient analysis software to create menus that meet meal pattern compliance, that are appealing and acceptable to students and provide a platform for student and parent feedback. School districts can see the benefits of having software which provides the ability to track production electronically, plan quantities to reduce food waste, provide accurate costing of meals, and update menus in real time to keep program management on the forefront of meeting customer needs while controlling cost.

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The Melting Pot Of Your Cafeteria

Presenter: Jaren Scott, PrimeroEdge

Your cafeteria's demographic is constantly evolving. Are you reaching them effectively? In this session learn how to define the cultural makeup of your audience and how to navigate the delicate differences of intercultural communication.

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Putting it All Together - Building Partnerships for Funding and Support for School Nutrition Programs

Presenter: Jill Camber Davidson, RDN, Food Service Management Solutions and Kymm S. Mutch, MS, RDN, Food Service Management Solutions

Successful partnerships lead to success in school nutrition programs. In this session, school nutrition professionals will learn how to seek and form partnerships and explore different options of partners, from in their own district and local businesses to state agencies and federal entities. We will discuss the means by which partnerships can help "put it all together" to seek funding and support for local programs.

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Soy Oil in U.S. Nutrition: Past, Present & Future

Presenter: Frank Flider, United Soybean Board

Soybean oil has been the most widely used edible oil in the U.S. for decades. This presentation will provide an overview of its history of use, unique qualities, and new developments for the 21st century.

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Spreading the Word Without Breaking the Bank

Presenter: Cheyenne Meyer, PrimeroEdge

Learn why marketing is crucial for child nutrition programs, how marketing your program can drive participation, and simple, inexpensive or free ways you can market your program on a tight budget!

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The Stress Club: Stop Participating, Take your Power Back, and Start Living Your Own Life

Presenter: Dr. Tami West, Ekon-O-Pac, LLC

Stress-management advice, training, and products are abundant, yet statistics continue to worsen. The Stress Club opens eyes to these pressures and teaches you how to disconnect, will make you laugh AND forever change the way you think about stress!

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Tips to Survive Your Procurement Audit

Presenters: Dani Sheffield, Aldine ISD, Teresa Lane, MS, RD, LD, Klein ISD, and Diane Dahm, RD,
College Station ISD

Panel members discuss their experiences and challenges they faced during the new procurement audit that is now required by the Texas Department of Agriculture during an audit year.

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