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Job Status:


Posting Date:


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Job Location:

Houston, TX.

Reports To:

Student Nutrition Director

Work Days:


Purpose / Job Description:

Support and assist the Director in managing the operations of Child Nutrition
Program to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations while providing
nutritious meals to all stakeholders. Specifically oversee operations of office staff
and procedures, software systems, and nutritional adequacy, quality, and
acceptability of all meals served. Assist with fiscal and personnel management.

Responsibilities / Duties:

Oversee menu planning and food purchasing processes to ensure
compliance with all dietary requirements, TDA and USDA regulations, legal
requirements, and cost control.
2. Assist the director to ensure that the Student Nutrition office and operations
are supportive of the instructional goals of the district.
3. Maintain written procedures of cafeteria and office activities and processes.
Determine commodities to be purchased annually to maximize PAL dollars
and maintain control of food costs and oversee the efficient utilization of
these commodities
5. Meet with Vendors to select foods for testing and/or purchasing.
6. Assist with preparation and administration of the budget and monitor
throughout the year.
7. Oversee the consolidation of monthly data from the POS system into financial and
productivity reports.
8. File monthly claim with the Texas Department of Agriculture for reimbursement.
9. Assist Director with determining a la carte pricing to cover costs and profit
10. Assist Director and Field Supervisors in selecting and purchasing foodservice equipment and designing facility upgrades.
11. Plan and Oversee Summer Food Service program.
Oversee the upgrades for district-level POS and office software annually and
as needed.

Additional Information:

Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Ability to manage budget and personnel
Knowledge of menu planning and food purchasing
Knowledge of Federal School Meal programs and regulations
Knowledge of cost control and financial reports
Strong computer skills

To Apply:

Contact Name:

Human Resource Services

Contact Phone Number:


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