2019-2020 Committee Representation

    Industry Committee
    TASN Chair: Mike Likovich
    AR: Kristy Holt, Area 6
    HQ: Karen Andrasi
    HQ: Valerie Delarosa
    HQ: Kennitra Freeman

    Membership Committee
    TASN Chair: Pamela Mallory
    Chair of ARs: Michelle Skiles
    AR: Margaret Panciera, Area 2
    AR: Janet Bell, Area 7
    HQ: Jaclyn Willard

    Public Policy and Legislation
    TASN Chair: Teresa Lane
    AR: Alexandra Grand-Molina, Area 1
    HQ: Kennitra Freeman

      Finance Committee
      TASN Chair: Ashlee Kane
      HQ: Karen Andrasi

Education Committee
TASN Chair: Lacy Willey
AR: Tanisha Rene' Bodden, Area 4
AR: Serena Spivey, Area 5
HQ: Tatiana Marchizano

Nutrition Education Sub-committee

Managers Academy Sub-committee:
Carlette Drabek

Directors Academy Sub-Committee:
Lacy Willey

Organization Affairs Committee
TASN Chair: Debbie Needham
AR: Maggie Mae Kennedy, Area 3
HQ: Kathryn Mai
HQ: Karen Andrasi

TASN Staff

Karen Andrasi, CMP

Executive Director
Email: karena@tasn.net
Work Phone: 512-371-0087 x204

Kennitra Freeman

Events/Meeting Coordinator
Email: kennitraf@tasn.net
Work Phone: 512-371-0087 x203

Valerie Delarosa

Exhibits/Marketing Specialist
Email: valeried@tasn.net
Work Phone: 512-371-0087 x202

Kathryn Mai

Administrative Assistant
Email: admin.assistant@tasn.net
Work Phone: 512-371-0087 x201

Jaclyn Willard

Membership/Event Registration Specialist
Email: jaclynw@tasn.net
Work Phone: 512-371-0087 x205

Tatiana Marchizano

Education & Training Specialist
Email: tatianam@tasn.net
Work Phone: 512-371-0087 x207

TASN Headquarters

4130 Spicewood Springs Rd #201
Austin, TX 78759

Toll Free: 800-444-5189
Local: 512-371-0087
Fax: 512-371-0125
Email: info@tasn.net