Certification Overview

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There are two categories of requirements for TASN Certification:

  • Work experience in school food service
  • Required courses directly related to the food service field

There are five levels of achievement, with two additional grandfathered levels. The program progresses from basic skills to managerial and administrative responsibilities. Certain courses are required at each level of certification. The individual may select certain training courses that will enhance their job skills; however, some courses require a specific number of hours.

Revised Certification Handbook effective June 2018 PDF »

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New Certification Course and Code Guide effective June 2018 PDF »

TASN Recognized ICN (NFSMI) Online Courses Guide PDF »

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TASN members are also encouraged to participate in the School Nutrition Association Certification program and with careful course selection, members can become both TASN and SNA certified at the same time.

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